Friday, May 27, 2011

Bus Terminal - Canmore, AB

This is a photo of the reception area for the bus terminal, if it was not for the beautiful scenery who would get off! Hmmmm

Wednesday, September 29, 2010

Ghost Image

I was given some video by a friend that was taken recently and when I was editing it for him, I noticed a ghostly image near the end and wanted to share...

Monday, September 27, 2010

Permited at Last...

It's official I have now been legally permitted to drive a taxicab in three cities over the past twenty five years, down side I start as a year one driver. However it is my secrete as to how long I have been a hack (hahhahaa) Tell me are "hacks, has-beens" Ya know I have decided that driving a taxi is what I was meant to do, it seems that all other jobs are lacking in a number of adventures. Those who have driven a cab know exactly what I am saying, those who have not only want the adventures of a cabbie...

I must admit acquiring a permit in Calgary, Alberta has been the most enduring, near five months from the start and close to two thousand dollars in expenses. I also know that after some three months, the question of "WHY" will arise however I have also decided that this is my career and trust me I have tried many over the years. No matter how boring or mundane a cab can be, it is freedom "Truly"  

I am writing my third taxi blog, yet this time with a twist, I have added "Cabbie Vision" and am planning live web casts. That is the main feature and for the regular readers many more, that I dare not mention perhaps this will  keep you all tuned

Remember "Have Gas Will Travel"

Live Web Cam!

Live 24 hour web cam of downtown Canmore, perhaps you may see my red mini van taxi at the four way stop! I am sure that I pass through this intersection at least twenty times a shift